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condomsGiven that condoms play such an important role in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and in preserving our health, we all want to use only the highest quality condoms from trusted brands.

But what is the safest condom brand to use with so many well known and trusted brands out there such as Trojan, Durex , Lifestyles and among others?

In this article we find out one of the most popular, safest and leading condom brands today in Europe and America, the Trojan condoms.

Why Trojan Condoms?

Having been in the market for nearly 90 years, Trojan condoms are America’s best selling condoms. The brand produces over 30 types and styles of condoms and various styles of vibrators and lubricants as well. In fact, Trojan brand is responsible for over 70% of all condoms sold in different pharmacies and drugstores in the US. This is because when used properly, condoms from Trojan can help protect you from unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Additionally, their condoms come in different shapes (twisted head, flared, straight, headroom), variety of thicknesses ranging from ultra-thin to thick and are made of different materials including lambskin, latex and polyurethane. However, most of the available types of Trojan condoms are made out of latex.

Top 5 Types of Trojan Condoms

1.Trojan Double Ecstasy condoms

These condoms are ultra-thin and feature intensified lubricant on the outside for her and ultra-smooth lubricant on the inside for him. In addition, they have a contoured shape that is tapered at the base so you can both be in ecstasy.

2.Trojan Twisted pleasure condoms

These condoms have a special twisted shapes and ribs for sensual friction. Made form latex, they are slightly tighter but with standard width measuring 7.8 inches long and 2.0 inches wide.

3.Trojan Magnum XL lubricated condoms

One of the longest condoms available on the market by Trojan, Trojan magnum XL condoms are 30% wider than regular size condoms. They are tapered at the base for secure fit and widening at the head for maximum comfort.

4.Trojan Supra BareSkin Lubricated condoms

Made from Polyurethane material, this is a longer and wider Trojan regular condom. In fact, it’s one of the longest and safest condoms on the market behind Trojan magnum XL.

5.Trojan ENZ Non-lubricated condomsTrojan condoms

These condoms are straight shaped but with a certain reservoir tip for extra safety. Measuring 7.7 inches long and 2.1 inches wide, these condoms have no lubricant both inside and outside but they are very comfortable and safe.


Now that you finally know what is the safest condom brand to use, choosing the best condom to buy should no longer be a problem.

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