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couple making love to each other

Men and women alike want to be the best lover. For men particularly, just having the thoughts of not being able to provide a deep and fulfilling sexual experience to his partner causes a lot of anxiety and stress.

Why Is It Important?

Sex is an integral part of a lasting and thriving relationship because it is the thing that keeps you connected. It is what bonds you together. Just like all the other muscles in the body, your specific couple having a private time with each othersex muscles can weaken over time from neglect. Anyone’s sexual confidence is rooted from competence during sex and by building up your sexual stamina and skill set with our program, you will enter your bedroom with a newly gained sense of conviction and pride of your abilities.

Exercises to Boost Your Sexual Performance

Your sexual stamina is not limited to how long your penis can hold up. If you want a deep transformational sexual experience, you have to involve your whole body which is why you have to be ready and fit at all times.

The Tongue

If you ever had your jaw or tongue cramp up as you perform oral sex, you know how unpleasurable it is not just for you but also your partner.

The only way to strengthen your tongue and jaw muscles is by constantly doing tongue push-ups. Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but it works. If you do this enough, your tongue will gain strength giving you more stamina for oral sex. Just push the tip of your tongue to the front side of your hard palate, the one that’s right for your teeth, and do this 30 times maximum. To take it to a higher level, start putting grapes between your tongue and hard palate and crush them with the force from your tongue.

Lower Back and the Abs

In almost all sexual positions, your lower back and abdominal muscles are used quite a lot. Perform at least three sets of squats, curls, push-ups and planks daily to strengthen these muscles.

Forearmcouple making love on bed

A certain amount of forearm strength is required in stimulating your girl’s G-spot or even just by propping yourself upwards. Pick up free weights at home or in the gym and bump up the weight on your forearm routines.


The hormone that is responsible for a man’s sex drive, the testosterone, is produced while sleeping. If you constantly lack sleep, the testosterone levels drop drastically so get at least 8 hours of sleep to boost your sexual stamina.

If you try out this boosting sexual performance program, you and your partner will surely notice a “huge” difference in no time!…