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Men over the ages have been fascinated with the size of their penis. In some cultures, the size of penis measures man’s masculinity. As a result of this, Men are interested in knowing different ways they can  increase their penis size.Using Penile Extenders for Enlargement of the penis is one of the best methods currently used. They yield excellent results that can help you regain your lost self-confidence.

This is because most health workers have approved this type of penis enlargement for the reason that it cannot cause harm and it does not risk the health and welfare of the one involved. According to records, there have been lots of men who achieved the result they have been dreaming of with the use of extenders.

When using penis here is the best way to do it

Read all instructions very carefully.fgfdfgfdgfdg

Extenders are wonderfully useful if employed in the right way, but they can be dangerous if used. Most of the devices come with a full instruction manual and a CD that carries instruction videos as well. Take some time to check these out.

Practice privately

Now, you need to have some private time when you are using this device for the first time. Connect the various parts of the instrument as shown in the instruction manual. Note: It is ideal to spend a little more and invest in a penis extender with comfort straps to use for longer times without discomfort. Make sure all connections are correct.

Arouse your penis till it becomes semi-hard.

sfsdfdsfsdfsdfSlide the extender over the penis to grips the base of the shaft. Tighten it with the help of the screws provided, but make sure that it does not cause pain in any way. Do the same for the comfort strap which should go just below the head of your penis. Rotate the adjustment screws till they provide the maximum traction your penis can bear comfortably.

Important points to note

It is best to get a device that you can wear for longer amounts of time. The comfort strap is indeed preferable over the nose shaped arrangement which is now outdated. You must go for penis extender devices that you will be comfortable using. Go for slender devices. These you can wear under your pants while you go to work and no one will come to know even! Wore the extenders for eight hours at a time. You may find it best to wear them at night when you sleep, provided you have chosen a comfortable device.…

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how to please your man in bed 1

You need to get out of that shell you been living in. Fortunately, you would on the right track to add some spark to your relationship. Making love is a responsibility for both of you. Take and give rule applies to sex life. If you are yet to give your man that mind blowing experience, there is a need to learn some tips that will drive him wild in bed.

First, you ought to understand that making love is not only about intercourse. In fact, most men find stimulation more enjoyable than the intercourse itself. Therefore, if you are determined to make your man happy in bed, try oral techniques. In addition, learn more techniques that will please your man other than intercourse.

Seduce him

The same way you love being seduced, it is the same way men love being seduced. In fact, a man is easily turned on with what he sees. Therefore, play with that thing and it will eventually drive him crazy in bed.

Be in control

Unfortunately, most women leave the art of making love to men. This becomes unenjoyable later on. Therefore, making love ought tohow to please your man in bed 2 be take and give. Do not engross yourself to what you get, rather by giving you will get something in return. You need to go an extra mile and please your man in bed.

Vary positions
All men love variety. Try to break the monotony and explore various positions, which will get you more pleasure. By adding variety, you get more excitement to your sex life. Your man will start thinking you more and be ready to make love anytime you are in bed.

Do not limit it to your bedroom
Other than changing positions, it is good to explore other avenues to make love. You can try the bathroom, on the couch and other areas. However, if you have kids, you may try it outdoors.

Clear your mind
You should prepare yourself before making love. Think of ways to please him in bed. If you are not prepared, you may be distracted with thoughts of other things. Avoid thinking about kids’ school fees, bills to pay, things to be done in the office, and many more. Such things can end up making you lack enthusiasm and energy in sex. Therefore, empty your mind and offer your man all time and attention, and enjoy. Be free to explore erogenous zones of his body. This is likely to stimulate him and make him feel special.…