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When talking about a tantric massage so many people don’t know what it entails but this is a massage that will use the sexual energy of a person to make that person feel relaxed. The professional for this jobs are highly trained so that they can give pressure to the clients. The tantric massage is the best that anyone can get when they feel that they are a bit stressed from the busy schedules of life. Though for someone to thoroughly enjoy the tantric massage then they have to know all the general information so that they don’t walk inside the place blindly. Click here for the sensual and erotic massage in London. Here is a list of general information about tantric massage


girl getting a tantric massage

The primary purpose of the tantric massage is to awaken the seven chakras in the body, and this is achieved when the massage therapist focuses on the energy along the spine so that the kundalini can be awakened from their rest. The whole process will begin as the client is made to rest so that it will be possible to get out the energy. If a person is not fully relaxed, then it will not be possible to get the energy out. After the relaxation then the tantric massage can fully start.


The breathing that a person must undertake during the whole process of the massage is greatly enhanced. The breathing technique will be so helpful in allowing the person to move the energy from one place to another and this type of breathing technique is referred as the pranayamas. It will help the recipient to be in control so that they will be able to experience the tantric massage entirely. Also, with this kind of breathing technique, a person can exercise the self-control and self-discipline during the whole process of the tantric massage, and you will notice after the massage the self-control will still be there.

Ritual beginnings

girl getting a back massage

Before the tantric massage, you will begin with a ritual, so when in the room with the masseuse or masseur don’t find this as a strange thing. But the whole process you will not be involved because the person giving the massage will be taking care of everything. The main aim of the ritual is to ensure that the body is fully awakened, the attention is aroused, and the waves will flow from your body. After the ritual, you will notice that you will stop thinking and worry about things and thoroughly enjoy the tantric massage.

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